What will you create today?

Everyone single one of us has the power to create. Some create art, some create poetry, some create structures while others create life.  Creativity may vary in shape, size, and magnitude but each and every one of them causes a reaction. It may be positive, it may be negative, but it is the exchange of these very energies that make the world go round.

For too many of us, the word creator can seem too grandiose and downright intimidating. Upon hearing this word our thoughts tend to go to something big like the famous Mona Lisa portrait by Leonardo da Vinci or maybe Steve Jobs and his invention of the iPhone. Creation, however, is so much more attainable than that. Creation is all around us. We can find it everywhere we go in smaller, much more digestible portions.

Your favorite restaurant has a menu that was a creation by a chef. Your favorite store is filled with products that were created by a designer. The music you bob your head to is a creation of some awesome artist.

Some of you may think, that’s great but what does that have to do with me? I’m not a rockstar, a designer, or a chef. What exactly do I create? I want you to know that you too are a mighty creator whether you realize it or not.

Here are some ways that you too are a creator.

  • Each morning you get to open your eyes, you get to decide what your day looks like. I know what you’re thinking, not really Alyana, I have a job and a boss that expects me to show up on time. Fair enough, but while this sure sounds limiting, it may help if we change our perspective. I’d like to remind you that the jobs we occupy do not force themselves upon us. We choose them, not the other way around. We may choose to stay there or we can always choose to leave. So let’s face it, at the deeper level we are creating our own schedule for the day, the week, a month or a year.


  • But what if you don’t love your occupation but for various reasons, you cannot make a chance right now? This happens much too often because we live in a society requires a specific income if we wish to survive. In this case, I would urge you to change something else. Perhaps a new workout routine, maybe a new hobby, how about volunteering for a cause that means a lot to you? There are a ton of ways to feed our soul you just have to get to know yours.


  • Whether you realize it or not, you are creating your life’s purpose. Whether you do this consciously or subconsciously, your every decision orients you in the direction of your future. With that in mind, may I ask, what is your purpose? Have you given it some thought? One way to determine this is to figure out what gets you excited. Perhaps it’s not your current occupation but maybe its something you do on the side, in your precious spare time? Evaluate your likes, your dislikes and be mindful of what you create.


  • Each and every day you are creating the words that escape your lips and enter the world. You have the power to create words of love, kindness, and encouragement or you can choose to create words of hate, pain and, blame. Which words did you choose to create today? Can you bring in more love and kindness to this earth? Can you inspire someone who is in need of inspiration? Can you support someone who is feeling down? To someone in your life, this may be one of the most important creation you ever create.


  • Maybe you’re a parent, if you are, then you are a creator in so many magnificent ways. You are not only a creator of life but you are also in charge of creating this tiny person’s personality, attitude towards life and their future memories. You have the opportunity to raise a kind and wonderful human being that will bring a great contribution to our world. Really, the weight of the world is on your shoulders, but no pressure. (just kidding, but am I?)


  • Maybe you create the atmosphere in the room with your smile, your warm energy and the love you bring to the table. Maybe you bring the opposite? Check your intentions and inevitable vibrations next time you’re in company.


  • Maybe you create art; maybe you create solutions to people’s problems; maybe you create business strategies; maybe you create videos; maybe you create inspiration; maybe you create joy? Whether you create things with your hands or with your mind, you are in the constant state of creation.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that each and every one of us is a creator in our own right. Maybe it’s not the next great technological breakthrough but it just might be the kindest and warmest thing someone heard all day, all week, or many the entire month. Be mindful of your creation but by all means create, create and create some more. The world needs it.

Sending you love, peace and, good vibrations.

Today and always

With love, Alyana

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