Where do you stand on Tom Brady’s kiss?

The latest Tom Brady controversy got me thinking about the power of social media. It is fascinating how something sweet and innocent can easily get misconstrued and distorted by the masses; how easily people get stirred up and outraged by simple actions of others; how quickly they are to jump in to judge, comment and criticize when the spotlight is not on them.

If you haven’t heard Tom Brady’s latest drama, here is a quick background. Tom Brady recently starred in a new documentary called Tom vs. Time, which shows his life on and off the field. In one of the episodes, his 10-year-old boy leans in to kiss his father (click below link to see the video). This kiss became the talk of the town, some of which was positive, some, unfortunately, not so much.


I was surprised to see how many people were outraged by this display of affection. Some are calling it creepy, others are saying it is outright disturbing. Some even said that this controversy has the US divided in either supporting or bashing parental affection.

When I heard the buzz I had to see it for myself. What I saw in that video was a loving connection between a father and son. I saw a warm relationship where there is love, security, and trust.

I don’t usually get involved or even comment on ridiculous controversies of this type. This one, however, hit home for me. I couldn’t ignore the absurdity of this topic. I couldn’t stand by and not support a father whose reputation was dragged through the mud because he decided to share this private moment with his son.

I had to speak up because it’s not funny to discredit a loving dad for having a good relationship with his kid. It’s not fair to call a sweet parent-child interaction an act of disgrace. It’s not right to tarnish his integrity and reputation because people don’t understand how close and affectionate a family can be.

I support Tom because I too am a parent who unconditionally loves her child. I want to show the “other” half of the US that there are many loving families out there that see this for what it is, a kind display of love and unity. I want to show the world that there are so many of us who kiss our children because we are and will forever be deeply connected. I say this without the slightest hesitation because I am sure many parents would agree, that our children will always be our babies in our eyes and we understand how innocent and pure a parent’s kiss truly is.

So in honor of love and family unity, I proudly share my kissy photos with my son and I don’t care what anyone has to say about it!

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If you are a proud parent with a strong bond with your child, I ask you to do the same and post it on a social medium of your choice with a hashtag #tombradykiss and #kissyourkids

To all the wonderful parents out there who love and respect their children, I thank you for raising emotionally healthy and loving beings, the world needs them.

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With love and kisses, Alyana

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