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What will you create today?

Everyone single one of us has the power to create. Some create art, some create poetry, some create structures while others create life.  Creativity may vary in shape, size, and magnitude but each and every one of them causes a reaction…

United in Tragedy

Every so often a tragedy strikes. Whether it’s a devastating natural disaster like Irma or a man-made catastrophe such as the recent shooting in Las Vegas, every one of these painful occurrences brings with them a subtle reminder of how fragile we really are. They reveal how gentle, soft and delicate we are at the core. They remind us how much we grieve when we lose someone we love. They show how much we hurt when we see others in pain. They demonstrate how sorrow is a universal feeling shared by each and every one of us, regardless of our background or upbringing…

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How to Live Awake

Live Awake shows us that “perspective is everything and by choosing to live awake to all that blooms in front of us we begin to live a more empowered life where joy becomes our natural state of being rather than something we occasionally stumble upon…

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