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For my little boy

  A touch of sunlight in your hair Your ever playful smile The silence lingers in the air Let’s stay here for a while Let’s talk about the sun And everything that grows I’ll tell you how it all began First time I touched your little toes Let’s talk about the oceans The vast beauty down below A world that’s in slow motion Where creatures thrive in moonlight glow Let’s talk about the sand Down to its tiny grains And while I hold your little hand So much of joy remains Let’s talk about the rain And it’s amazing power In giving life it holds the reign A nature’s cleansing shower Let’s talk about the moon A satellite in all its glory And how you’ll grow up soon In time you’ll write your story Let’s talk about the sky And all the possibilities How fast the days fly by And how you master your abilities Let’s talk about the snow And everything that glistens I’ll hold you till you say let go I’ll be the one who listens Let’s talk about the rivers And their importance to the earth How this world is full of givers And how you’ve flourished since your birth I will accept you for everything you are The good, the strange the awesome No matter near or far I’m here to watch you blossom Love, mama…