Surviving in an overachieving world

Modern day society is obsessed with success, ambition, and overachievement. We admire people who work over 60 hours a week and are constantly reminded of their glorious success through their colorful display of physical possessions.

We tirelessly compare our achievements to those around us and so often find ourselves falling short. So we fret. We push ourselves harder or blame people or circumstances around us. We drown ourselves in work we don’t love and even after completely exhausting ourselves we are still nowhere near the Joneses but are now more tired, stressed and run down than ever before.

These shortfalls make us believe we are not good enough. We can’t do what they do therefore we must be failures, slackers, bums. We accept this new reality and carefully watch their successes bloom from the sidelines while we secretly envy them and wish them to fail.

What a sad story and a waste of a beautiful life. All this anxiety is based on a false premise that the purpose of our life is to be regarded as a go-getter. Yet life is so much more than that. True fulfillment comes in the form of kindness, love, and acceptance. Every day we wake up is a beautiful opportunity to love life. This may sound cliche but ask anyone laying on a deathbed if it isn’t so. Ask a parent with a dying child to confirm just how true this premise is.

You see we’ve become so obsessed with overachieving that a person in a relaxed and calm state of mind can be taken for granted or regarded as a slacker. This is unfortunate because what the world really needs is not more successful people but kind, patient and loving individuals instead. To me, a person with a beautiful heart and an open mind is so much more impressive than a successful CEO.

With so much societal pressure no wonder most people’s stress levels are through the roof while prescription drugs are handed out in desperate attempts to numb the overwhelming anxiety and pain from the never-ending rat race. We are attempting to treat the symptoms while ignoring the cause.

Life is a beautiful journey, be sure to carve out moments to stop and smell the roses. Make time to reconnect with your inner self. Get to know what matters to you. What do you love? What makes your heart smile? What excites and motivates you? If you’re unsure, you have some soul-searching to do. Take time to get to know the real you. Sit in a quiet space, perhaps by a fire, or by a mountainside. Listen to a running brook or feel the breeze of the morning calm. These moments help clear our overworked minds and create space for creativity and love. Listen to your intuition and work on creating a path that is unique and tailored to you, not based on the pressures and norm of society.

I hope this message sparks a curiosity in you and fosters some passionate discussions with your loved ones.

Sending you so much love, peace, and good vibrations,
with love Alyana

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