An out of body experience

A journey of self discovery and self love.

This meditation is an out of body experience designed to take the listener on a journey of self discovery and self love. Calming background melody soothes the soul and fosters a deep state of relaxation while inviting the listener to see themselves in a brand new light.

This meditation is a gentle reminder of how fragile we are and how much we are in need of self appreciation and self care. It is intended for all those souls who work so hard on serving others that they forget to tend to their own heart. For those who put others first. For those who too often neglect their own needs and desires.

This one is for you my dear one. In gratitude for your kindness. For all your love. For all the ways you make the world a better place. Let these few moments be wholeheartedly yours.

Download the free Insight Timer app to listen to this guided meditation in its entirety. To listen to a 30 second sample, click link below.
An Out of Body Experience

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