Love to Learn

Every single person on this planet had a different upbringing which makes them unique and invaluable. Their different walk of life has equipped them with an arsenal of their own experiences that the rest of us can benefit from. Whether we learn from their mistakes or successes we become that much more knowledgeable. Learning from each other is a skill that can bring us enlightenment, understanding and acceptance of others. College graduates and doctors are not the only ones who can offer wisdom, not that their hard work should be overlooked. You may have a lot to learn from an economist about how the economy works but you may learn a whole lot about compassion from the night shift cleaning lady. There is just no limit on what we can learn when we open our eyes and mind to the knowledge we encounter everyday. Don’t let your ego stop you from learning from a fellow pier or someone younger than you. My son teaches me new things everyday, not with his years of experience but through his innocence, his hopefulness and an abundant amount of love and compassion.

Moral of the story: learning is not just done in school, it is everywhere around us and continues throughout our life span. Be open to it and embrace it.

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