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Lately, when a tragedy takes place the internet starts to overflow with negative conversations, bashful discussions and hateful remarks. A dark disastrous cloud rolls over our eyes and we feel the need to react and retaliate. It’s a hard pill to swallow knowing that the actions of one person can cause so much physical damage and that those same actions create ripple effects of hate and division within our communities. While some sense of unity could be found in empathy toward victims and their families, there are far more instances of finger pointing and accusations. Many focus on finding someone to blame while politicians and the media take advantage by playing on our emotions and fears. Many people blame organizations, some blame laws, others accuse politicians and too many focus on race. Meanwhile the only true perpetrator is the offender who actualy committed the crime. Why do we allow for the focus to shift elsewhere? Why does our focus go anywhere else than on the one who committed the crime? That heartless person, that sick, depressed and damaged being. One way we could be more productive during these difficult times is if we channeled our anger into positive energy. If we counteracted hate with love. Blame with compassion. Division with unity. What if we used these incidents to remind ourselves that there is a dire need for more love and a dire need for more acts of kindness. What if we realized that a person capable of such horrific acts must have been lacking love, support and affection in their life? That no one is born a monster? What if we considered that the most effective way to prevent future acts of hate is by fostering and sharing love, not only within our own families but with colleagues and strangers alike.

So while most people play the blame game and ask the government for more useless laws, I ask you to join me in a different kind of campaign. Here is something we haven’t tried. Lets take our inner fire of anger and use it to ignite our desire to change the world, to change the future of our children, to fill this planet with love and watch it come back to us ten fold. Because if we all radiated love, the world would be a better place.

Love, peace and unity
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