Hello, how are you?


The power of these 4 words is so often underestimated. For many it’s a common greeting phrase that gets handed out like a flyer without the expectation of a substantial response. But when asked genuinely and honestly it could mean the world to someone. I realized this recently when I rendezvoused with a longtime friend. As we sat in an outdoor cafe she walked me through her tremendously difficult journey over the past year. From a heartbreaking separation from her husband to family illness and even to the dangerous thoughts of suicide. While I listened and watched her tear up I thought…my goodness where have I been? When was the last time I called her to say “Hi, how are you?” When did I get so wrapped up in my own world that I didn’t notice a friend in need and how many others are silently dealing with challenges in their lives?

You see just because we stay in touch via social media, it doesn’t mean we know what’s really going on. Most people share their best moments and happiest memories while keeping their vulnerable emotions securely protected, understandably so. Our lunch was so much more than a catch up date. It taught me a valuable lesson. Take the time to ask “Hi, how are you?” and make yourself available for a real substantial response. I am happy to say that my friend is doing well, after a long and treacherous year she finally found balance and is working on restoring peace in her life. Fortunately she had a strong support system at home that helped her through. And so I’m passing on my lesson to you – take a moment to think about your friends or even distant family members, how are they doing? When was the last time you had a heart to heart? Could they be covering up a painful time in their life? Maybe its time for a face to face catch up or at least a nice long phone call, because lets face it…texts just don’t cut it. And what if your call could make all the difference?

Love, peace and unity

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