Every one of us is unique. None of us share the same set of experiences. We walk our own path, even when it looks similar on the outside, there is a world of difference on the inside. I believe each one of us has a story worth telling. We’ve all lived through stories of love, strength or endurance. Share your story by contributing to Love Paper Pen.

We want to help you get your story out into the world. Share your inspirational, motivational and moving experiences with like-minded individuals who may benefit from your input and advice. Most importantly, together we can create a meaningful exchange of ideas and revelations that can contribute to a kinder and gentler world.

Everyone is eligible to participate. There are no age or location restrictions. You do not have to be a professional story-teller or an experienced writer to contribute. Love Paper Pen is an outlet for real people dealing with the real world, as long as you are honest and genuine you will have an opportunity to touch someone else’s life with your unique contribution.

If you wish to contribute please follow submission guidelines below:

  • Story must be based on real events. Post must be original which means it was not previously published anywhere, including your own blog.
  • If sharing someone else’s story be sure to gain permission to publish and respect their privacy.
  • Your work should be at least 400 words but no more than 1,500 words.
  • The content must be relevant to Love Paper Pen’s mission of spreading the message of love, peace or unity. It could be pertaining to internal or external conflicts.
  • Stories should describe in detail what inspired, motivated or transformed you. Be specific, give us details and express how it made you feel. The more real and vulnerable you are the more your story will resonate with others.
  • Provide a brief bio to be included in the post and you are welcome to submit a photo. You may also remain anonymous if you choose.
  • Feel free to promote your own site/work in the bio but please keep the story context personal.
  • Submit your work to [email protected]

Please note:

  • Please allow up to two weeks for review. If your submission meets our guidelines and is aligned with Love Paper Pen’s mission, you will receive a response notifying you of your publishing date.
  • Your work will be reviewed and edited as necessary. You may be asked to clarify or elaborate on certain points and your title may be revised.
  • We will always seek your approval if any major changes are applied.

Thank you for contributing to Love Paper Pen and thank you for making the world a kinder and gentler place to live!

Much Love, Peace, and Unity


Love Paper Pen