About Guided Meditation

What is meditation?

Meditation is an ancient and increasingly popular practice of mental concentration and relaxation. As demands of our fast paced society continue to rise, so do our stress levels, leaving us overworked and overwhelmed. Meditation is a healthy and effective method of stress relief and is inexpensive and accessible to all.

What are the benefits of meditaiton?

The main benefits of a meditation practice are stress relief and a calmer, more accepting outlook on life. According to Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, molecular biologist, professor, and researcher at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, those who practice meditation shift the levels of brain activity from the active, stress-housing right-frontal cortex to the more stable left-frontal cortex. Meditation will literally soothe the parts of the brain that keep you feeling anxious and restless.

According to the University of New Hampshire’s Office of Health Education, a regular meditation practice can result in lower blood pressure, decreased cravings for nicotine and alcohol, better concentration at work/school and improved quality of relationships.

How to get started?

Guided meditation is an excellent starting point for beginners. A meditation practice involves focusing the mind on the present moment and self-awareness, both of which can be difficult for someone who is new to the practice. Sitting still in complete silence can be very challenging for some, for many it can even bring on anxiety and fear. Guided meditation is a great solution for anyone stuggling with creating and maintainig their personal meditation practice.

There are thousounds of guided meditation teachers that offer thier own unique approch to guided meditation, it is imperative to find a guide is a good fit for your meditation journey. A guide’s gentle voice should sound soothing and calming while providing direction for your mind’s focus and thus creating a distraction from intruding thoughts.

Begin your meditation journey with me.

Meditation has inspired me beyond words. With every meditating moment I feel more alive, more awake and more grateful than moments before. I started my meditation journey with the help of meditation guides and today I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help others on their medititaion journey.

Insight Timer is a wonderful free app that allows people from all over the world to connect with meditation guides and other practitioners all while exploring the marvelous world of meditation.

I am beyond grateful to be part of this wonderful community and to be able to be part of someone’s meditation journey. Hey, who knows, maybe you and me can meditate together sometime 😉

I welcome you to join the global Isight Timer community to start your very own meditation practice. Be sure to connect with me when you do 🙂

My Insight Timer Teacher Profile link: https://insighttimer.com/alyana

Sending you so much love, peace and good vibrations. Namaste.

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