#7 Be the first to reach out

 Too often our ego gets in the way of our progress. We’re worried that if we apologize first, we lose.  In reality, being first gives us an advantage.  It shows we are able to take the high road. We get to be the first to reach out, the first to make amends and the first to extend the olive branch.  That my friend says a lot about your character.  That is something to be proud of.  So go ahead, feed that to your ego if you must. Being open and honest about our feelings is a healthy and productive way to handle relationship hurdles.  Learning to navigate your ego is a valuable skill that will benefit you in many walks of life, not only in your relationship.  Don’t let a three-letter word get between you and someone you care about.

“Often when there is a problem, each person will wait for the other to take the initiative to work things out. But the longer you wait, the more frustrated you both get and the worse you feel. Try making the first move to break a stalemate.  It doesn’t mean that you’re giving in.  You’re getting the ball rolling instead of being stuck.”

~ Norman Epstein, Ph. D., marriage researcher and family therapist at the University of Maryland


  1. Oksana | 19th Jul 16

    Such great advice!

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