#6 harsh comments hit harder than you think

Too often we focus on the bad instead of the good. Negative vibrations quickly catch our attention and we tend to react without properly assessing the situation. We don’t give ourselves enough time to process the information and react from a place of love. These rash reactions can do great damage. Hurtful words cut like a knife. They also cannot be erased or taken back, so take great care not to create future scars. Next time you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed and start to feel like the whole world is against you, take a moment, breathe and find your balance before responding in the heat of the moment.

“when you’re tired or frustrated, its easy to slip into being critical of your partner. But remember, negative expressions, comments and behaviors hold much more weight than positive interactions. Make sure that for every one negative interaction, you have five positive interactions to counter act it – a touch, a laugh, a kiss, an act of love, a compliment.”
Scott Haltzman, M.D., psychiatrist and author of The Secrets of Happily Married Men

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