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Daily Archives: March 8, 2019

The power of intuition.

A real life story about following your heart and listening to your intuition. Hello beautiful people, I hope this note finds you well and in good spirits.  Whenever I send out my letters into the ether, I often wonder what might you be doing when you receive it. Are you home? On the train? Maybe on a long car ride with the family looking to burn some time. Whatever you are doing, I hope you are enjoying this very moment, because too often our minds live in the past, other times they live in the future, leaving much too little time for right now, which in reality is all we ever really have.  If you have a spare moment, shoot me a note to let me know where you were when you read this, I’d love to know!  Back to business, I want to share some friendly advice I received from a sweet friend. Her name is Shannon Murphy and she recently made a series of decisions that will alter her life forever. I like that. I admire people that make bold moves to experience life to the fullest. These decisions require thinking outside of the box, making unpopular choices and telling your loved ones “trust me, all will be well.”  In this story Shannon shares her thoughts on intuition, material possessions and following her heart. Without further ado, I present to you, wise words from a friend.  Trust your gut. Follow your heart. Listen to your intuition. We have all undoubtedly heard this counsel from our friends and family countless times and have repeated the same with a similar frequency. During times of internal struggle these can feel like platitudes. But trite as these old adages may sound, they are in deed truisms…