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Daily Archives: September 5, 2017

Summer Poetry – Beneath the Great Unknown

This summer I got to enjoy a clear starry night with almost no light pollution. It felt surreal. I was captivated by their beauty and amazed at how many stars are available for our viewing pleasure each night but how rarely we are actually able to see them. Where I live, light pollution rules the sky, which is why I seek out places where the light has yet to take the throne. One night this summer while camping on a beach I was inspired to write a few words that express my love for the stars. Today I want to share that with you in honor of summer, in honor of time, in honor of life.   Beneath the Great Unknown There’s something special about gazing at the stars No light pollution, city noise or cars We smile as we get lost beneath the great unknown No interruptions, no reception on our phone The midnight chill dominates the air The conversation’s steaming, feet are bare We lie beneath the studded sky Talking about what ifs and whys We ponder about what the future holds While the worlds greatest show, in front of us unfolds Our ears are tuned into the ocean And just like that, worry becomes a silly notion I see the universe reflecting in your eyes Childish, beautiful yet wise Today we found a new dimension A place of wonder, kindness, and intention This moment we will forever own A king and queen under the stars swinging on their throne With love, Alyana If you share my love for stars, please help me share this poem with our fellow night sky lovers via your favorite social media link below!    Craving more poetry?  Check out some of my favorite works: Young Love and Dreaming of a…