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Daily Archives: March 2, 2016

Power of the Mantra

Let’s face it ladies, much too often it seems we live in a cold cruel world full of criticism and negative news.   Every morning we wake up in a digital age where it is easy to lose ourselves in the dust of photo shopped perception of perfection. With continuous overexposure of what the perfect woman should look like, we subliminally accept that we will never be as perfect as she is or we continuously chase this perceived illusion of perfection. Truth is we can never catch up to something that’s not real. We cannot and should not lose the beautiful uniqueness that makes us who we are. However hard we may try to dodge this media hypnosis, it finds ways to sneak into our sub consciousness and undoubtedly affects our self-esteem. Time and time again we find ourselves wishing for thinner things, longer locks or smoother skin. No matter how fast we try to run from it, it seems to always catch up. The trick to beating the beast of perfection is not in avoidance but in inner self-appreciation and self-love. One way to achieve this is by developing and utilizing a personal mantra. A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated to oneself to narrow a particular focus or reassert certain beliefs.   I urge you to give this exercise a try. The principle is simple, practice is essential. Here is how: First step is developing a custom mantra just for you. This exercise requires you to search your mind, heart and soul to find positive and inspiring aspects of yourself. Consider all of your features including physical, emotional and intellectual characteristics. Write them down. Make sure to use kind, gentle and warm words to describe yourself, think of the way you would…