Lost at sea 


This is a special piece for me. I wrote it to raise awareness about suicide. For any of you who have been there, please stay strong and remember that suicide is not the answer. The world is full of wonderful loving people who will drop what they’re doing to help a stranger in need. It may be hard to see that at the time but please know we are here for each other. Please reach out, talk to someone, seek help. When nothing is left, there is always hope.

No one knows what tomorrow may bring

So I sit back and wish for one thing

That someday this world will understand

The significance of a helping hand


I can’t stop it, it goes round and round

Thoughts battle it out pound for pound

The good, the bad and the worst

Sometimes I feel blessed, sometimes cursed


Most days my mind is oppressed by worry

Makes all the good around me seem blurry

Feels like a deadly hurricane in my head

A twister of self-inflicted regrets that I dread


God forbid I make a mistake

Take a chance and risk what’s at stake

What if I disappear tomorrow

Will life still be full of sorrow?


What if someone out there is just like me?

Feels cast away, forgotten, lost at sea

What if we find a way to connect?

Help each other up with love and respect


What if there are many of us

Imagine the things we could discuss

We could swap stories of pain from our sorrow

Talk about precious time life let us borrow

And help each other through to a brighter tomorrow


Know that you’re never truly alone

Even with silence over the phone

Know there is someone just like you out there

Someone who wants to love wants to care


Please don’t give up on humanity

Please don’t give up on love

Kindness is a form of insanity

Those who have it, never lose hope

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